DIY Book Clutch Pt. 2

Part three of the instructions to make your own book clutch.
Click here for part two.
Did you go take a breather? Don't worry, you're in the home stretch now!

9. Cover the insides of the book with craft glue. I'm using Elmer's Glue here.
10. Place the felt pouch into the book. Press the sides into the cover. Don't forget to make sure the "spine" of the pouch is right up against the spine of the book.

11. Let the whole thing dry. At this point I like to stick a cheap paperback book in there to make sure the felt dries flat. Watch out as the glue can leak through the felt. Also, you can go around the edges and add glue to the places that seem loose.  

I hope the tutorial made sense. Just post in the comments if you have any questions and I'll get back to you. Or post a picture of your own book clutch for people to enjoy!

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