DIY Book Clutch pt. 1

Did you see our Do-It-Yourself Book Clutch event on our blog? Pretty cool huh?

Oh wait, you can't go?

Don't worry! Right after the jump, I'll be posting the step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own clutch right at home! So grab your book, needle, and string, and get crafting!

-Hardcover book
-Small paperback book

1. First you'll want to pick a nice hardcover book. Remember, the thinner the spine, the less you can fit into the clutch. If you're just planning to put a kindle or a tablet in there, then that's good; otherwise, choose with care.

2. Break the spine a couple of times by bending it back and forth (I don't know about you, but I got a naughty thrill), and cut the pages out with a razor. Pay attention not to cut yourself or the spine.
3. Outline the book on the felt (or as I did here, on a big piece of paper), also mark where the book spine curves.

4a. Decide how wide you want your book to open. Mark the points on the paper and connect the dots.

4b. You should have something that looks like this.

5a. Measure a quarter inch all around inside of the book and the flat portion of the triangle. This is to ensure that the felt doesn't poke out of the covers later. If you're confident enough, just eyeball it.

5b. Now you'll have a border all around the book and the flat portion of the triangle. The space I've marked with a blue sharpie is the part that you don't need anymore. Cut out the inside white shape. 
6. Trace the paper shape onto the felt and then cut out.

Now you have this.

7. Before you start sewing, figure out what kind of clasp you want. It's important because you need to punch the holes or glue the felt or elastic before you make any major gluing. Use your imagination. Poke me if you get stumped on how to fix your clasp on there. For this tutorial, we're doing ribbon ties.

7a. Measure and cut 2 bits of ribbon. I think I had two pieces, both 8 inches long. Glue it onto the inside edge of your book. Reinforce with tape. Do the same on the other side. Note: touch the edges of your ribbon with nail polish to keep it from fraying.
8. Sew the four edges of the felt together. A running stitch or a back stitch is fine. I like using contrasting string because it makes my amateurish stitchwork look like it was done on purpose. ;P
Another view. You can see it's starting to look like a pouch.

Finished pouch.

 I think I have too many pictures now, as the text editor is starting to freak out. Click here to move on to the next part!

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