This past saturday, we had a blast at the kusudama making program and I must say everyone did a fantastic job! Here are a few completed kusudamas that I saw on the tables.

Very beautifully done using old maps of LA! Where do you want to go?

Super colorful and eye-catching!

Expertly put together!
Thank you everyone for coming! If you wish to make more, but can't remember all the folds, here's the website I first learned to make it at. http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-flower-coaster.html


  1. Thank you for being an energetic and patient origami craftswoman and teacher, Librarian Amy!
    I now have crafts to "decorate" my living space and to share :). Will try making one of the above using "fragrant" paper as you suggested. An origami classes devoted to mini roses/flowers, please.

    1. You're welcome! and I now have the book which you mentioned on hold and I'll work on learning how to make roses. =)