Librarians Recommend: "The Spellman Files" by Lisa Lutz

If you are a fan of wacky female characters like Bridget Jones or Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, you should check out “The Spellman Files” by Lisa Lutz.

The Spellman’s are a family of private investigators whose members think that installing a dead bold on the inside of a bedroom door is nothing unusual, have no qualms about doing surveillance on other family members, and who routinely smash the lights on each other’s cars to make such surveillance easier – it is just easier to follow a car with a broken tail light, you see. Izzy Spellman, the narrator of this entertaining debut novel, is working on a 15 year-old disappearance case that her parents assigned to her as a means of keeping her in the business. When she can’t stop investigating even though her parents ask her to and her younger sister, a sugar-addicted 14 year-old with a recreational surveillance habit, disappears, the family is on the verge of getting torn apart.

Librarian's Verdict: An incredible fun read with a San Francisco setting. And don’t worry if you get hooked, the follow-ups “The Curse of the Spellmans” and “The Revenge of the Spellmans” are already available at the library!

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